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Chasing a Dream

There are always different reasons why someone would want to start their own business. In our case, it is definitely the passion for service and our love for our hometown of La Fortuna, home of the Arenal Volcano. But there were other factors that finally led us to make that leap into chasing this dream of ours. Life shapes us all in different stages throughout many years.

After running the New York Marathon in 2015, I realized how capable I was of doing anything I put my heart into. My sister Irena, quit her job and decided to fully attend university in order to graduate from Human Resources fast and start her dream of becoming a veterinarian. My oldest sister Lizza it's motivated by her 3 year old son to spend more time with him while also believing in this project.

The three of us lived 10 years of our lives in New Jersey and Florida, but we were born in Costa Rica, with the Arenal Volcano as our neighbor. Experiencing both living in the United States but growing up local, gave us a sense of loving our country and our town, but not only that, it also motivated us to share our home with many friends and family from the United States and both at home who loved to visit La Fortuna. Our lives have taken us through different jobs as important as Walt Disney World, Amazon and Bank of America, but also local and very influential in taking the decision to open our own business like The Springs Resort, Casa Luna Hotel & Spa, Pura Vida Tours, and Arenal Volcano Inn. Combining these experiences of work and life, with the passion to serve, it is why we feel very confident in this adventure.

It will be difficult, it will be exhausting, but it will be our dream and it will be all worth it. Our hunger to strive, to go that extra mile, to share our dream, the passion for service and our life experience it's why we want you to be part of Varco Travel.

A personal blog entry, but it is only appropriate we share a little bit of our story with everyone visiting our dream. We will make sure to share more tourism related blogs soon. Thank you!




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