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Craft Beer Tour in San Jose

If you are flying in or out of San Jose this tour is a must! We went on a local craft beer tour with Carpe Chepe. We arrived at the meeting place we were met with a local guide for the tour. He informed us that this is his favorite tour because he is able to show the visitors a taste of the up and coming craft brewing culture in Costa Rica.

We started off by filling our souvenir mugs with the first beer, a lighter ale. The guide explained to us the difference in manufacturing craft beer and industrialized beer like the much loved "Imperial". He explained that craft beer takes longer to brew, so it should be enjoyed over time, with good company and great food! Which is exactly what we did. He brought out the most decadent appetizers with fried cheese and meat that were perfectly paired to complement the undertones of the beer.

After our first beer, we packed up and walked to the next stop on the tour with our guide providing the history of the city and the beers along the way. In total we stopped at 4 different locations for four different types of beers & food that paired perfectly with the beer. I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the area - Carpe Chepe also puts on a popular Pub Crawl on the weekends & a market tour everyday during the day. I can't wait to do the San Jose Market tour so I can really experience the culture and get lost in the market while tasting all the fresh food Costa Rica has to offer.

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