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Arenal Two Volcanoes Hike

This is probably the most popular tour in La Fortuna, and for good reason! The Arenal Two Volcano Tour is an all-day adventure that hits the most famous and beautiful spots in La Fortuna. You’ll get amazing views of the volcano, rainforest, lake, hot springs, and all sorts of wildlife on this tour.

As usual, the tour begins when a bus picks you up from your hotel/hostel around 9am. You’ll take a short 20-minute ride to the start of the hike, where you’ll have a few minutes to relax before beginning the hike.

The hike itself is stunning, and you spend the first 2 or 2.5 hours trekking straight through the rainforest. A beautiful lagoon is on your left, and the buzzing of insects and other animals reminds you that the forest is very much alive. We reached the top of the hike around 3 hours in, at which point we enjoyed an amazing view of the mountains and rainforest. After relaxing here for a snack and some water, we began the trek back down.

On the way down, we stopped at a rope swing on the edge of the lagoon. Swinging into the picturesque lagoon was a perfect reward for finishing the hike. The water was cool and refreshing, and completely empty besides those of us who chose to jump in. You need to go in the lake when you do this hike.

Once everyone was finished swimming, we headed about a minute away to a large ranch for lunch. They provided a big (and delicious) Costa Rican meal -- the casado, mixed vegetables, side salad, and a meat. We enjoyed lunch with a beautiful view of the lagoon, protected from some light rainfall under the ranch roof.

After lunch, the day is much more relaxed. First, the group heads to the free hot springs for a relaxing sit in the river, volcanic clay mud mask, and a free moonshine drink compliments of the tour guides.

After the hot springs river, the group gets bussed to the Arenal Observatory Lodge, where you can enjoy a stunning view of the volcano and the lake before embarking on a 2 hour nature walk. You’ll learn all about the wildlife, cross hanging bridges, visit the frog pond, and more.

To book this tour, feel free to click on this link.

Overall, the day is long (9am-7pm), but filled with so many fun activities that the time will fly by. This tour hits all the main spots in La Fortuna, which is why I recommend it to everyone that’s in town.


  • Bring snacks!!!!!

  • Bring a rain jacket, towel, and poncho if you have one

  • Wear sunscreen for the first hike portion

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