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Where to eat?

Traveling is great, you pack clothes, money, camera, hat, books, and especially appetite. Traveling to a new country where you are unfamiliar with their eating style can be an adventure but can also be freighting. It is always good to get some guidance. I for one, enjoy when the humble man charging the parking spot takes the time to recommend the best local restaurants to eat at.

Therefore, I thought it would be just as appropriate to recommend my 3 favorite restaurants in La Fortuna, from cheapest lunches to average priced dinners.

I love breakfast, the whole rice, beans, olores, eggs, fried plantain, and avocado. Yeah! Does not get more tipico than this basic rice-and-beans breakfast. It is such a humble breakfast, but you will find yourself back home looking up the recipe so you can have some Pura Vida breakfast!

The Gallo Pinto can be found everywhere, from the best 5 star hotel to a host mother’s house. But you will not sample the best Gallo Pinto than my dad’s, but you can try! (Kidding :) ) Try looking for a soda. Sodas are the family-owned restaurants, those local restaurants just big enough for a few tables!

On the other hand, there are 3 great places to grab lunch:

One of my favorites: La Hormiga.

Around lunch time, this place gets full. I can totally understand why, a casado tipico for just $5!!

$5 for a choice of meat (beef, pork, chicken or fish), rice, beans, salad, picadillo( ground beef mixed with diced vegetables, plantain, and a natural fruit drink, your stomache is happy, and hey so if your wallet!

La hormiga is a small soda right next to the bus stops, but you can ask anyone in town and they will be happy assisting you with the directions! As well, explore their website+menu and look forward to that happy stomache!

Nene’s: My number one favorite.

The prices vary, as a resident of La Fortuna I have to say that the prices are reasonable.

Nene's Restaurant is known for their ceviche and fresh seafood dishes. But you will also find steak, pastas, hamburgers, beer, wine, etc. Best dinner option in my opinion. Enjoy great service, great people, and great food. Don’t forget to try the Tres Leches! You will not regret this dessert.

Que Rico Restaurante, is an italian restaurant 6km from La Fortuna. This one is my favorite for those long fun days full of tours, where you are exhausted and don't want to go out for dinner and just want some pizza in bed. Their pizza is cooked in a wood oven, giving it a great peculiar taste, plus you can get it delivered straight to your hotel.

Besides the pizza, this restaurant is great for group packages! They offer Menu Packages for $12, $16, and $22. Take a look at the rest of the Menu for each package.

Hope this helped,


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