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Manuel Antonio

One of the most amazing national parks in the world featuring 109 species of animals and 184 species of birds. 

Take a tour by boat on one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the entire world.  

Kayak through the mangrove channels spotting a varity of animals.   

​Experience the other side of wildlife that cannot be seen during the day.    

Watch the nocturnal wildlife come alive in the jungle.    

A walk through the jungle and through the canopy, and ending at a waterfall.    

Sail along the beautiful Pacific coastline and finish with snorkeling.     

Adrenaline pumping time! Zipline, rappel, enjoy the hanging bridges, and a butterfly garden!     

A half day, adrenaline packed white water rafting tour on the Naranjo River.    

An exhilarating 12-mile ride through towns, plantations and the forest; including a 1 mile hike into the jungle to see a stunning waterfall.     

Jet ski on the Pasific ocean on your way to your snorkeling destination.    


Horseback ride to one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Costa Rica. With a typical Costa Rican breakfast and lunch included!   

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