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Tabacon Hot Springs

Heated up by the Arenal Volcano himself, prepare yourself to witness and enjoy a natural thermal river hot water springs. It offers the unique combination of the energy of the Arenal Volcano, the heat of the hot springs and the purity and mystic surrounding rainforest blend into what we can describe it as “paradise”. Beautiful pools and a wet bar also located in the naturally surface thermal springs.
Hot springs provide many benefits stemming from various chemical, physical and biological effects, the most notable is relaxing tense and tired muscles. The chemical effects are related to the minerals and other substances in the water, which are transferred to the skin and bloodstream through osmosis.
Top quality buffet or a la carte meals with different themes everyday at their restaurant. 
  • Full day pass: Entrance with lunch and dinner
  • Day pass: Entrance with lunch or dinner
  • Night pass: Entrance with dinner (6 pm to 10 pm)
  • Morning Pass: Entrance with lunch (10 am to 2pm)


Night Pass with Dinner
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