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Extreme adventure from San José 

The Pacuare River is one of the best rivers in Costa Rica. The 2011 World Rafting Championship was held on this river! It is also a great option from San José because of its proximity to the Central Valley. It offers the perfect blend of wilderness exposure and excitement.

Pacuare is world famous for its sheer beauty. A true river gorge, it is flanked by steep, green walls. Here you enjoy the feeling of total isolation from urban life and the realness of being connected with nature. You see waterfalls cascade into the river from both sides as colorful, tropical birds fly right over your head.

Amazing views of this virgin tropical rainforest area, appear before your eyes as you descend this true exploratory land. Wildlife is abundant, with sloth, toucans, parrots, coatis, morpho butterflies and colorful frogs being common sights.

The white water that is equally exciting. It is not an overly challenging river, but it has a lot rapids, therefore giving you an adventure filled with lots of fun. The 18 mile one day run includes a total of 52 rapids. Few rivers in the world can offer you so many rapids in that amount of time.



Transportation, breakfast, lunch, bilingual adventure guides, and rafting gear. 


It is recommended to bring: 

– Camera
– Sandals
– Sunscreen
– Towel
– Extra clothing




Departure time: 

6:00 am


Returning time:


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