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Pacuare Rafting Tours

Enjoy a 1 or 2 day rafting tour down the Pacuare River. 


One day expedition: This one day journey down the Pacuare River takes you down 18 miles and over 52 rapids. Going down the river you will also encounter the Huacas Waterfall featuring a beautiful 150 foot drop into the river (you don´t go down it, so don´t worry!) Along your way you will hit a 5 mile spot of smoother sailing that will give you some time to relax and look for wildlife. The end of your journey is in Siquirres where you will be able to relax and enjoy the gardens at the Exploration Center.

Two day expedition: Along with white water rafting, this 2 day rafting adventure includes an overnight overnight stay and hiking trips to waterfalls and swimming holes. The first day of this trip you will raft 8 miles of the river, stopping just after noon at the Pacuare River Lodge. For your afternoon you will be able to chose from different activities such as hiking, relaxing, or fishing; followed by happy hour and dinner. Your second day of this adventure will start out with breakfast before you hit the river again. The journey today is longer -- with 14 miles and harder rapids, your adrenaline will sure be pumping! You will stop for a short hike, and then again for lunch before making your way to the end.


Transportation, guide, and entrance fee.    



Make sure to bring sun block, water, towels, comfortable shoes, and  a small amount of cash.   




Departure time: 

6:30 am



1 day: 12 hours

2 day: 24 hours

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