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This tour will take you through trails on a 27-acre reserve. Your tour will start just before nightfall when nocturnal animals are just starting to wake up. You´ll see many animals that you can´t see during the day, including snakes, tree frogs, kinkajous, sloths, motmots, and tarantulas.


Curi-Cancha Refuge

A private refuge in the cloud forest of Monteverde, come here to explore the beautiful forest in tranquility. Wander through the mystical cloud forest of Monteverde in the Curi-Cancha haven. In the refuge, you will explore trails winding through the jungle and visit several viewpoints along the way. Curi-Cancha is a great peaceful alternative to the main Cloud Forest Reserve as there are less visitors and more opportunity to see the native flora and fauna. 

Enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of this lesser known cloud forest reserve in the Monteverde area. With more rustic trails, and fewer crowds you´ll be able to see the beauty the area has to offer in a peaceful environment. Your naturalist guide will bring your attention to wildlife along the way, including different species of tropical birds, sloths, monkeys and so much more!

The most well known and popular cloud forest reserve in the Monteverde area. This reserve covers more than 10,500 hectares, making it the perfect habitat for wildlife. Take a tour through the reserve as your naturalist guide brings your attention to wildlife along the way, including different species of tropical birds, sloths, monkeys and so much more! 

The most fun and fastest way to travel the journey between Arenal and Monteverde. Enjoy the beauty of the Arenal Volcano, a boat ride across Arenal Lake and take advantage of photo opportunities of the mountains and villages on route!

Experience the highest bungee jump in all of Central America, here in Monteverde! Take the plunge off of the platform diving 143 meters, soaring weightlessly through the air.  This is the perfect adventure for all of you adrenaline junkies out there! Start this epic adventure with a ride on a tram to reach the platform, get your adrenaline pumping and get ready to JUMP! 

This tour is run by a local family who will teach you about the different crops grown on the land, including sugar cane, coffee, and chocolate. You´ll be able to learn about the production of sugar cane and coffee as well as making chocolate and sugar candy. The family will also teach you a bit about local Costa Rican culture. At the end of the tour you will be able to taste delicious samples to savor your experience.

Two tours into one, with a guided tour on 7 bridges. Learn some history and  climb the inside of a Ficus tree and have a little fun on a Tarzan Swing and a hummingbird garden. Next up is the canopy with a zip line that measures at 1590 meters, the longest in Latin America! 11 zip lines, a swinging rope bridge, 2 superman cables, a rappel, and a mega Tarzan swing.

Sky Trek is a thrilling zipline circuit that's located in the magical forests of Costa Rica. You can find this experience in both of our parks, at Monteverde and in Arenal (La Fortuna). Sky Trek zipline courses begin at the top of the mountains, you'll ride an open air gondola to this point while admiring the best views of the surrounding area and even more. From there on, you will start the ziplining and get the adrenaline flowing!

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